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Do what you love, no matter who is watching.

This morning I had Nudge the budgie out on my kitchen counter and was enjoying listening to him chirp away happily while watching intently as I cleaned all the parts of his cage.  I was thinking back to several months ago when Nudge was a "homework exercise" for people practicing their intuitive skills in a group that I belong to (  Over a dozen people connected with Nudge intuitively to find out about him, and it was so interesting what information he gave them.  Much of what Nudge communicated made sense to me and I was able to give confirmation to the people who read him.  A couple of things didn't.  But here was the interesting thing about the two things that didn't make sense -- many people got the same two things that he said he "loves".  Taking baths and hanging out with his human outside of his cage.  At the time he did neither of those things, so at first it seemed like invalid information.  But then I started thinking about it.   People received information that he loved doing these two things, and I had dismissed it because neither thing was something he did, though we had tried both baths and letting him be out of his cage when he was much younger and both things stressed him out.  But he wasn't the same bird he had been when he was younger.  Maybe the message he was trying to communicate with me was that those are things he would love now.  And so we tried.  Come to find out, he does love both!

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