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Intuitive life coaches are there to point out what we cannot easily see for ourselves. They are there to assist in our healing and guidance towards wholeness and well-being in every area of life. Interpersonal relationships complete us and help mirror reflections of ourselves to bring what needs to change to light. Intuitive coaches accelerate that process while providing resources and tools to help us move even further along towards the life we want most.

People also reach out to intuitive coaches because they feel like it’s too hard (or impossible) to heal alone and without guidance. The truth is that it can be very difficult to heal from old traumas and wounds because we learn to internalize things like the abuse and shame that caused us the trauma in the first place. When we become our own worst critic, it’s difficult to be our own best friend and even more difficult to find healing in that type of mental and emotional environment.

Intuitive life coaches can act as a healer and help you begin to release negative patterns from the very first session. They also provide a tremendous amount of relief to their clients that would have been difficult for them to find otherwise.

Intuitive life coaches do not:

  • Tell you what to do with your life

  • Aggressively push you into action

  • Predict the rest of your life or tell you what’s going to happen next

  • Force you to diet or exercise

  • Prescribe anti-depressants or provide psychotherapy

Life coaches are there to motivate, uplift, and help you find what you’re looking for by asking key questions that prompt you to delve into your own mind and heart for answers. They should never tell you what to do or give you commands. They provide guidance, but they don’t take control because you are the only one who can make lasting changes in your life. You are, and should always be, in control of your own life.

60-minute session: $140

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