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In this age of ecological emergency, more people are seeing the need to recognize their connection with all living . Communication between humans and animals has taken on a deeper meaning and urgency. We can learn so much from the animals about how to live in harmony and balance on the Earth.


As new research has provided a scientific understand of how our perspectives and beliefs influence our reality, right down to changes at a cellular level, this unique program blends concepts of quantum theory with unique interactions with horses to help guide participants to remove the blocks that hold them separate and enter the realm of heart-based interconnectedness with their entire being and all those around them. 


An intuitive life coach is a professional who helps you change your life and live your dream by helping you access your intuition.  They can help you make the income you want, land the career you want, and even help you find your perfect mate. They hold many of the same roles as traditional life coaches Rather than just focusing on secular elements of life, such as goal-setting, habits, and skills, they integrate spiritual life coach principles as well. By gauging your energy and emphasizing emotional and spiritual healing, intuitive life coaches are exceptional at helping clients release the blockages that keep them from moving forward.

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