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Venturing out into the world.

Yesterday I had my first outing with all three dogs on my own. It’s so funny, I’ve been hesitant to have all with of them me at the same time with no human reinforcements. It’s kind of like having kids - I remember when my son was born (and my daughter was 2) that it took so long for me to build up the, what would you call it? courage, perhaps, to venture into public with a two-year old and an infant just for fun. It just seemed like a lot of work, with the possibility of so much that could go wrong. And I never a third child - for many, many reasons, but the old saying about two kids/two hands but three kids and you can’t keep them all connected to you always played in the back of my mind.

Taking two (slighter larger than) small dogs and a very large puppy in public for no reason other than to get them out and socialize them (and me!) seemed daunting. So I chose wisely, and decided to take them to a pet store (okay, maybe not so wisely, but options are kind of limited). Not just any pet store - a small, locally owned shop where I know the owner and I know she adores animals. Basically, I made the decision to ‘choose my audience’ of who to make my inaugural trek as owner/handler/captive human of 3 wonderful dogs.

I do the same thing with my animal intuitive work. I don’t try to force the concept of communicating with animals on people. Some people understand it and believe in it. Others, not so much. I don’t want someone who doubts (or just plain doesn’t believe) that we are all energy and we are all connected asking me to connect with their animal or with them. Who would want to put themselves in front of that kind of negative energy and judgment? Definitely not me.

So, off we went to the pet store — the pups did great, though I had a moment or two of thinking “why did I do this?”. I forget that bringing dogs into a pet store is kind of like bringing a toddler into a candy store. But I went in for one thing - a naturally shed elk antler for my over-sized teething puppy, and unlike the times with my kids, didn’t feel the need to make sure I bought something for all of them so they would be ‘even’.

And if you are local to me and don’t already have plans for this Sunday evening, I’ll be at that same pet store again, this time teaching an animal communication workshop. I’d love to have you join me - there are still a few spots left. You can get tickets here:

And by the way, I am totally going to be getting at least one more antler. The “kids” have been fighting over that same one since the minute they walked back in the house!

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