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My introduction to animal communication came when my "heart dog" was nearing the end of life, and I was questioning if he was ready to transition.  Having tried to get a reading with an animal communicator who ras recommended to me but not wanting to wait the length of time it would take me to get an appointment, I found out that just a few days after I had reached out for an appointment she was teaching a workshop in animal communication just a few hours from where I live.  So I signed up for the workshop, in all honestly hoping that I would implore her to do the reading for me that weekend.  That didn't happen, but what DID end up happening ended up being so much more meaningful to me from the moment I walked into the workshop.

I learned so much that in that weekend workshop - in addition to learning the skills to communicate with animals, I gained a greater understanding of the profound relationship that our animals have with us.  It's so much more than us loving our pets.  I learned about how our animals are working with us to help us become our best selves, how they teach us through their behaviors, their personalities, and dispositions.  My relationship with my animals was immediately and forever changed by attending that workshop.

When I arrived home, I realized I wanted to learn more.  More about how to communicate with animals, more about what it is they are trying to teach me and others, more about what I need to do to become the best version of me.  So I took another class, then another, then another.  I was on my way to being an animal communicator before I knew it.  Because animal communication is something that has been so life changing for me, I want to share it with others.  I love doing readings for people and their pets, helping others understand more fully the depth of what our animals are here to do.  

Meet My Animal Team!



Angus was the original impetus for me seeking out an animal communicator.  Without him, I'm not sure what I'd be doing right now!



Originally intended to be "my" dog, Fenway quickly became everyone's dog - in particular, my husband.



Phoebe came to us at a point that we had no intention of getting another dog (isn't that usually how it goes?) but has taught us all so much in her time with us.



Odin was our first "big" dog after Angus' death.  He teaches me every day to love myself, and to laugh.



Callie is 17 years old, and has been a constant teacher all those years.   She will both mirror our behaviors and model behavior for us depending on what we need!



Chatham is my son's cat - given as a 12th birthday gift.  Now that my son is in college, my husband and I get to experience the love that Chatham had typically reserved only for Travis!

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