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Equine coaching is a learning modality where participants engage in experiential activities with horses for personal development.


In normal words? Equine coaching is a real-time experience where, with the help of a coach, clients have the opportunity to learn about themselves by interacting with horses.


Here are just some of the ways equine coaching helps people:

  • expand self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and consciousness

  • work through personal challenges and change

  • Release emotional pain and limiting beliefs

  • improve self-confidence and leadership skills

  • gain clarity

  • develop stronger communication skills and interpersonal relationships

Horses operate the way a mirror does, reflecting back everything we need to see about ourselves. Sometimes the mirror shines on our greatness, joy, happiness and success, and other times it exposes the darkness and our shadow. Just being in the presence of a horse is healing for most people. I can’t say I know exactly why or how it works, but I have witnessed many people having break-downs and break-throughs when they are with them, myself included. It is like a magic show and the horses have super-hero, super-healing powers. People come to an equine coaching experience without expectations and they leave blown away at what they saw, felt, released and embraced.

60-minute session: $140

Horse Stall Portrait
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