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  • Do you need a picture of my animal for the reading?
    No I don't need to see a picture, and I actually prefer not to see a picture of your animal before the reading. I like the animal to present itself energetically to me without me having any preconceived notion of what he or she might look like. It is usually very telling about their personality that way. I do, however, love it when clients share pictures with me after the reading!
  • Should I do anything to prepare for the reading?
    Yes! To there are a few simple things you can do: Let your pet know I'll be connecting with them and let them know what you are interested in learning about in the reading. If you don't want the session recorded, make sure to have a pen and paper nearby to take notes. When it's time for the session, find a quiet space so you can be present for the reading.
  • I'd like to record my session, how do I do that?"
    You can go to to create a free account. When you book a session, provide the phone number and access code for your account and Kathy will call that number at the time of your appointment. You will be responsible for recording the call yourself.
  • Can help provide insight on some physical challenges my animal is experiencing?
    During the session with an animal that is living, I do check in with them to see how they feel in their physical body. However, if you have medical concerns about your animal, please see a veterinarian for advice. An intuitive session is for entertainment purposes and is not meant to prevent, diagnose or treat any medical condition.
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