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The power of connection

Last night our next door neighbors came over with their almost 4-year-old daughter for trick or treating. Dressed as Minnie Mouse, she came in the house looking around, get this, not looking for candy but instead asking where Odin is. (We keep the dogs in another room on Halloween night as they are a little hard to contain when people come to the door!). So my hubby goes to get Odin, and the mom proceeds to tell me how much her daughter loves seeing Odin and saying Hi to him as they pass by. She said, "no matter how grumpy she might be as we are leaving in the car to go to daycare, she always brightens as we pass by your house and she has hi to him." And it was so apparent once Odin came into the living room and saw little Minnie Mouse, that these two have a relationship with each other! If you can picture this... Odin, who stands taller than this little girl, and easily outweighs her by 100 pounds, is thrilled to see her, and she to see him. Then Minnie Mouse asks "where are the baby dogs"? Of course, referring to my older, but baby sized (compared to Odin) dogs.

It was so great to witness them all together, enjoying each others company and it reminded me of the dogs I knew growing up. Dogs that didn't belong to me, but who I surely felt a strong connection to and who helped me feel loved and safe and secure.

The dad took a photo of his Minnie Mouse standing next to Odin -- even seated, Odin was still taller than she is. I told them I look forward to seeing them together as she gets older, and that photo will be something to look back on fondly, the two toddlers enjoying a quick playdate.

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