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Where have you been...?

A little less than two years ago I got a phone call from a friend of mine (we'll call her "K") asking for a reading about her cat. Her cat that was lost. She told me that the cat had been outside (as was usual for him) but hadn't come back inside the previous night as was usual. So I connected with the cat and got some very specific information from him, unfortunately, it wasn't specific enough to actually pinpoint his location. A couple of days later "K" got in touch to say that the cat had still not returned and asked if I could do another reading. The information I received was much like the first reading, though the area he described himself in was different. Another week went by, and another call came in from K. She was understandably sad, and desperate for answers about her cat. Where was he? Was he coming? Was he even still alive?

So I told her I would connect with him again and get back to her. And so I did my pre-connection ritual of meditation and energy clearing, then I connected with him. I asked him to go to a deeper level me in this connection -- asked him what lesson K was supposed to learn from his not returning home. An interesting thing happened once I set my intention to understand him from this deeper level. He opened up. It was really cool unless you're K and you just want your cat home. He said he had left purposely, to help K work on a lesson of believing in herself and her faith without doing all the work that she was used to doing to keep her beliefs going. He wanted her to let go of trying to fix things, trying to make things happen. He was trying to teach her that she can't control everything. She definitely can't control getting him back home, and the harder she tried to do that, the longer he would stay away. He did communicate that he would return to her if she was able to work on this lesson of really believing in herself and giving up her grip on trying to have control of everything.

I called K to give her the summary of my connection with him. That would have been a simple thing to do for a client that I don't have a relationship with, but K is a friend of mine, and animal communication aside, I had a great deal of empathy for what she was going through with missing her cat. But I gave her the messages he had given me, and she was totally and completely open to them. She understood what he was saying, and was able to identify a couple other areas in her life where she was running into a similar challenge of feeling the need to control the outcome of things instead of just believing in herself and knowing that everything will work out just as it should. For a conversation where I was delivering news that wasn't exactly good, K received it well and embraced that the cat was trying to help her evolve.

A lot has changed for K and her family since late 2016 when their cat left and didn't come back. They moved to a new house across town last year, leaving the house her cat knew as home. Her youngest child left for college earlier this fall, and she and husband became empty nesters. And then yesterday she got in touch with me. Animal control had called to say that they had her cat. He had been picking fights in a neighborhood (nowhere near where he used to live) and some called animal control to help them. He had been micro-chipped, so they were able to identify K as his owner. He is now happily back home with his family, albeit in a new house, where I'm pretty sure he'll be an indoor-only cat for at least the foreseeable future.

I've mentioned to K that I'd like to connect him after he's had some time to settle back into the life of a house cat. Even though I know he won't tell me, I'd really like to know where he's been all this time.

K's cat, settled back into the basket on her desk after an almost 2-year absence.

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