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No artistic skill required

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

I'm getting ready to head to the second day of an artistic mediumship workshop I'm attending in New Hampshire. When I saw the workshop advertised originally, I was intrigued. I'm really interested in building and expanding my intuitive skills, and I really enjoy the person who is teaching this class, so when I saw read the description of it I was really excited to sign up.  The funny thing was, the thing that was most daunting to me was the "artistic" part of the workshop.  The mediumship part?  No, I feel comfortable with that.  Not that I consider myself a medium, but I understand it, and am comfortable enough with my psychic abilities that I am more than willing to put myself out there, especially if it means I'll be learning and expanding those parts of myself.

But the artistic part?  Yikes.  I can draw a mean stick figure, but that's about it.  But I was bolstered when I read "no artistic skill required" at the bottom of the workshop description.  Sign. Me. Up.

And I'm so glad I did.  I have learned so much already from this workshop.  And I've felt so comfortable with all the other participants there.  It's pretty awesome to sit in a room full of people who are full of love and peace, each wanting what is best for everyone.  No one is judging anyone.  There is a complete lack of ego involved.  I'm looking forward to another day full of learning and feeling great.  And working on my stick figures.

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