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My journey continues this weekend.

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

A little over three years ago I was speaking with someone about my beloved dog Angus, who was nearing the end of his life. I was questioning if it was time, if it was his time, and this woman asked if I would ever consider speaking with an animal communicator. I had no idea what that was but was open to anything that might help provide insight into what was best for Angus. She gave me the name of two women who she had worked with in the past and would send me their website information when she got home. Being too impatient to wait and having memorized the names of both animal communicators, when she left I went inside and googled the first one. Her name was Danielle McKinnon, and after just having found her website, I knew I wouldn’t need to look into the other animal communicator. Something about Danielle‘s energy and the information she provided about how she worked was enough for me to know that she was the person that I would be comfortable talking with about Angus. So I contacted her office to schedule reading, only to be told that she had a several-months-long wait list for a private reading. I put myself on that list and then looked around her sight a bit more. That’s when I saw that she was teaching an animal communication workshop at the Omega Institute in New York that weekend. There was still space available in the workshop, so I quickly called my husband and told him I needed to go away for the weekend and would he be OK with taking care of the kids and the animals. For those of you who don’t know me personally, I am not a spur of the moment person. This was entirely out of character for me, but there was this draw for me to go to that workshop and I had no idea why. I think somewhere in the back of my mind I was hoping that over the course of the weekend I might get Angus read and not have to wait those months for a private reading with Danielle. But it was bigger than that. I just had no idea how much bigger.

The workshop was amazing. As soon as I walked in, I felt like I had found “my people” — you know, those people who just understand who you really are. I learned so many things that weekend; about animal communication, about life, about myself. It was the start of a journey that has led me to meet some wonderful people and has changed my life beyond what I could have imagined those few days before.

Danielle and I happened to be in the lunch line together on the second day of the workshop and ended up eating at the same table. I told her about how I was on her waitlist, and she kindly set her boundaries with me (another thing that I have learned since starting this — boundaries are a necessary and important thing!) and let me know that she would not be reading Angus that weekend. And because I would be doing a reading in the future with her, she didn’t want to know anything about him. A little letdown, for sure, our conversation continued, and she talked about how I was doing in the workshop — what I had going for me (untapped psychic abilities) and what I needed to work on (managing my energy was at the top of the list). And she said “I have a vision of you TA’ing for me one day. I don’t really know what that looks like, but I wanted you to know”.

Fast forward to today, some three-plus years later.  Once again I’m getting ready to head to Omega this weekend for an animal communication workshop with Danielle. This time though, instead of going as a student, I’ll be attending as her teaching assistant. That Danielle, she is pretty psychic after all.

PS - If you've considered learning about animal communication yourself, visit to register for this weekends workshop!

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