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Love & light and...

I'm in western NY for the weekend, attending a weekend workshop that kicks off a three-year mediumship mentoring program that I'm participating in. I've been looking forward to this weekend, much as I find myself looking forward to all the events I attend these days in this spiritual/energetic/connected realm I am in. Whether it's having a session over the phone with a client, attending a webinar, or traveling somewhere to immerse myself in learning, what I look forward to most is the feeling of peace and contentedness that comes with interacting with like-minded souls who are, like me, filled with love and light. People who get (or are trying to get, we're all works in progress) that there's something bigger than all of us at work.

I've heard it said in different ways, and certainly, our animals are here to teach about unconditional love, but I believe Brian Weiss said it best at his Past Life Regression training this summer... What he has learned from his 30+ years of working with past-lives is this: Only love is real. Only. Love. Is. Real.

I get the *concept* of that most of the time, but when I'm at a workshop like I am now, where everyone around me also seems to understand that, there's a different energy in the room. In the real world? There's not a lot of grasp on that theory, especially these days. Driving here, with people cutting off others, getting annoyed and frustrated, it's hard to remember. But I've taken to observing those behaviors and saying "sending you love and light", then letting the observations go away. I've stopped taking part in the negativity. Only love is real. Love and Light. I just keep reminding myself of those things. Sure there are times when it's a little harder to remember, so I try to avoid those times. These days, that means keeping the TV turned off, staying off social media as much as possible and being picky about what I do look at. Sometimes, it is impossible to avoid the negativity, and sometimes that means I change what I say to: "sending you love and light, and a little go f**k yourself". It seems to help.

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