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Lessons in life

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

I went to a funeral today, for the wife of a work friend from a long time ago. So many thoughts cross my mind as I sit in the pew of a beautiful, historic church in Newport. I remember once hearing the advice to always go to weddings and funerals of friends, family and loved ones. And I do believe in the importance of it. I find funerals to be even more special than weddings. Weddings are celebrating what has become, in so many cases, a temporary life change. Funerals, to be sure, are not.

But I think it would be great if we could celebrate each other and our lives -- the mundane and ordinary stuff, more often. Let's not wait until someone is getting married or hitting a milestone birthday to let them know how loved they are. To remind them how much we appreciate their presence in our life.  And let's definitely not wait until a funeral, to tell someone's loved one how much we cared about that person.  As John Edward (the gifted medium) says, "Communicate, appreciate, validate".  I think the world would be a better place if everyone tried to do that just a little more often.

It's one of the things that animals try to teach us. Be joyful and show your joy for someone every time you see them. Even if it's only been 5 minutes. Okay, so some animals go a little overboard on this, but it's probably because they are trying to get their message across. And how sad would it feel if you came home, and your dog wasn't going crazy happy over just seeing you walk through the door?

So relish that crazy puppy love that you receive every day (or multiple times a day!), and think about sharing some of that unconditional love with those around while we are still around in this life.

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