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Is it an energetic connection?

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Last week I traveled with Odin to Maryland to attend a dog show where I did some animal intuitive readings.  The breeders who I got Odin from were there with Odin's sister, so it was a bit of a family reunion for him.  Odin hadn't seen his "people" or his sister since he left their house at 9 weeks old.  A funny thing happened when they met though.  After a second of Odin's usual greeting, which is kind of like a "hey, how are you?", he got really giddy and started the whining and crying greeting that he gives to my family every time he sees us after the slightest time apart.  It took a second, but then something clicked with Odin and he recognized these people who had helped bring him into this world and had loved and cared for him for the first 9 weeks of his life. It was such fun to watch!  A little later that morning, a similar thing happened when Odin met his sister again.  They did the usual "walk up and sniff" that is typical of dogs, and then Brienne was like (click) "omg, it's you!" and she started jumping on and playing with him.

Fast forward a day, and a few of us were standing around with our dogs enjoying the beautiful and sunny late October day.  Some other people came up to join our conversation, and for probably the first time during my trip, I asked where they were from.  I laughed when the woman told me.  And then answered that I grew up in the next town over from her.  Turns out she went to high school with my cousins.  Later that day, she and I were talking again while watching the pups play in a field.  I'm not even sure how we got on the subject of it, but it turns out that her daughter and my niece were good friends in high school.  It's a small world, definitely.  And some people would leave it at that - small world.  But really, I think there's something more to it.  There had to have been some sort of recognition (subconscious, I believe) that would lead me to ask where she was from.  As if I could feel there was some sort of connection we had, but not knowing what it is, sometimes it's best to start with "so where are you from?".  I'm happy to have made that connection, as well as some others while enjoying time with some beautiful dogs.

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