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Kathy Rumsey - Dog Medium 6.10.18 LR-15.
Kathy Rumsey - Dog Medium 6.10.18 LR-32_
"What I love about Kathy is her attention to intuitive detail.  In her heart of hearts, Kathy wants nothing more than to get the message from the animal exactly right. As a result, she's developed quite an incredible knack for taking her time to suss out what the animal is really talking about. The results?   Happy people who finally get to truly understand their animal's voice!" 
                                        ~Danielle MacKinnon


There are a lot of reasons people seek out an animal intuitive to help them communicate with their pets.  Sometimes it’s a question as simple as “does my pet know how much I love them?” (The answer is always, unequivocally, yes!).  Other times, there are certain behaviors or questions about their health that lead people to reach out.  For those reasons and more, I love doing this work.  In addition to helping answer questions you might have for your pets, I welcome the opportunity to connect with your animal and help you realize all that they are here to teach you – about them and about yourself.


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On the Blog

Listen to the Podcast

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A couple of friends and I have joined together for a weekly podcast!  We'll be discussing all sorts of intuitive topics, and how they fit into our otherwise "normal" lives!  Join us over at Apple Podcasts.



Online or In-Person Session

Intuitive coaches accelerate that process while providing resources and tools to help us move even further along towards the life we want most.



Online or In-Person Session

A 60-minute session will allow you to connect with more than one animal, or if you'd like to delve deeper into what lessons your animal(s) might be trying to teach you.


Reading Party

In-Person Session

Hosted at your home with you and your friends, connecting intuitively in order to give you an introduction into all things psychic.  Fill out the contact form to get more info!

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