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What are you focusing on?

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

During a client reading last week, I was describing the personality of her dog that I had connected with and I could tell that the woman who I was speaking with was hesitantly agreeing with the information that the dog was giving me. In addition to the hesitancy in her voice, she was saying “yes, but…” a lot. When this happens, I generally go back to the animal which I did. And he just kept showing me the same things — and what he was showing me was all the positive stuff. I explained that the dog was was showing me what he wanted us to know about him. My experience has been that the information that comes through is always about the message the animals wants to get through and it’s from their perspective.

Now, this client had contacted me for an intuitive reading and I had no idea why she wanted the reading, but as I tell all my clients, the first thing I do is connect with the anima, learn about their personality and then let the animal tell me what they want their human to know and then we get to why the human wants to reading. So the information coming from the dog was coming through for a reason and so I went with it. The woman and I talked more about her “yeah, but…” responses and a very interesting thing happened. She ended up telling me that yes, her dog did have all the wonderful and positive traits and behaviors that I had seen BUT he did a couple of little things that she didn’t like. And those were the only things that she chose to focus on in the beginning. So she came around a bit to the there being more to the dog than just the stuff he needed to fix, but then the dog went deeper. He really had a message for his owner. And that was that this is how the owner saw herself — only concentrating or noticing the things she needed to “fix” about herself, and not celebrating all the wonderful traits that she had. It ended up being a great reading, though very different than what she originally thought it would be like, but she got a message that she very much needed to hear right now and her dog knew that and took the opportunity presented to him.

And I think it’s a lesson we all need to hear from time to time — focus on the positive even when you are fixing stuff. If we concentrate only on what needs improvement without giving the good stuff its due, we narrow our lens too much and then everything gets out of focus.

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