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The importance of belief

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

A few years ago, I visited an acupuncturist in hopes that I would find some relief from a pinched nerve in my neck that was causing my arm to go numb. I’d been dealing with with it for a few months and had tried massage, chiropractic visits, ice/heat, you name it . Nothing had worked. A friend suggested acupuncture, and with a “I’ve got nothing to lose” attitude I went to my appointment. I remember sitting down for the initial intake screen with the acupuncturist, and after reviewing what was going on with me he asked if I’d ever had acupuncture done, to which I said no. Then he asked an interesting question: “Do you believe acupuncture can help you?”. And I honestly answered yes, I believed it could, even though I didn’t understand how it works. His reply was interesting. He said that it was great that I believed it could, because if I didn’t believe it was possible to be helped by acupuncture, it probably wouldn’t work. It took three visits for the pinched nerve issue and symptoms to go away. Three visits over the course of a week, to fix something that I’d been dealing with and trying to fix for several months. I am definitely a believer, and still visit him regularly.

Fast forward to yesterday, and my visit to see the acupuncturist. He greeted me and asked how I was. I mentioned that I had a head cold, though it was quite obvious from the sound of my voice. So he started putting his needles in and then left me to rest for a bit. And the most amazing thing happened. My sinuses opened up. It felt great to be able to breath through my nose again. No amount of cold medicine or teas or anything else I had done had given me the same result as having some needles stuck in my body.

I think acupuncture is a lot like animal communication. If you don’t believe it’s possible that we are all connected energetically and therefore can communicate with each other, you’ll probably find all sorts of ways to dismiss information as “coincidence”.

So my questions is, do you believe? And if you do, are you ready to hear what lessons your animal is trying to teach you? If so, I can help!

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