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It's all about the gravy.

I did a reading this morning for a new client, and this reading started off a little differently than most that I do. I always ask a new client if they've ever had a psychic/intuitive reading before, and this morning, my client indicated that he hadn't. Not unusual, I've had a fair amount of "first timers." So I explained my process, how I connect to their (the humans) energy first and then with the animal. And then I connected with him. And this was the new part - energetically, he came through as analytical, scientific, very left-brained. I heard things like "right or wrong," "yes or no," "if you can't prove it, it isn't real." The good news? All that information I relayed made total sense to him. The bad news? All that information I relayed made total sense to him. After doing a little energy management (think deep breaths), I started in on the rest of the reading, and it all went quite well. Just as we were finishing up the session, I check in with his cat to see if she had any other information she wanted her owner to know. And then she showed me a can of Fancy Feast cat food, the kind with morsels and gravy. I told him what I was seeing, but that I didn't know why. And then I heard "it's all about the gravy." My client confirmed that that is the food he feeds his cat, the brand yes, but specifically the morsels in the gravy. And that his cat loves the food, especially the gravy.

I believe this way his cat's way of helping him confirm that although there was no way of proving that my connection to him and his animals was "real," she could come through with some information that might just help him understand that not everything that's real can be scientifically proven. Sometimes it is all about the gravy. :)

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