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I hear you, but...

The other day, I had one of my dogs with me running errands. We had been in and out of about 4 stores over the course of an hour. We had one more stop to make at a store that I happen to work at part-time. My dog is 5 years old, and has been a therapy dog since he was 14 months old. He is super friendly, super reliable, and I’ve never had any worry over bringing him anywhere. So as I’m letting him sniff in the grass outside the store before going in, I had this random thought — “if Fenway ever pooped in the store I would have to make some excuse about that he must be sick and I’d have to take him to the doctor”. Silly, random thought. I can attest to the fact that I have never before had a thought about my dog pooping inside a store (or inside anywhere), much less how I would cover for him by claiming he was sick. Knowing all I know, you’d think I would have walked him around outside to make sure he was all set. But did I? No. I heard the thought, but I didn’t listen to it.

So we walk into the store, and about 15 feet in or so, I can feel that my usually perfect heeling dog is not directly at my feet, so I look back to see who might have stopped to give him a pet. Instead I see my dog crouching down into the tell-tale squat. That random thought popped back into my head fast enough for me to grab him into my arms and whisk him outside. Lucky for me, I grabbed him before I had to make any excuses for an accident. Next time, I’m hoping I’ll actually listen.

These random thoughts aren’t actually random at all, and we all have them. How many times have you been randomly thinking of someone only to have your phone ring or receive a text alert from that same person? That’s energy. We are all connected by energy, and if we actually take the time to listen, we’d realize just how often we are getting information.

My intuitive work around animal communication is all about what I see/hear/feel when I am connected with an animal and their person — I can receive the information from an animal (hearing it in some cases) and then communicate it to the human in a way that they will hopefully listen to what the animal wants to tell them. In much the same way as my own thoughts get heard by me, the information I receive intuitively from animals often seems completely random, and much of the time makes no sense to me. The magic happens when I relay that information that I received to the human. So many times I will hear a word or see a word that makes no sense to me, or seems to have no context with what I am doing, but when I tell the person the word, they’ll immediately understand what it means and how it relates to their animal. And what happens next can be pretty magical - because the person understands this random piece of data I’ve just given them, they really open up and the energy between us blossoms and usually what follows is a flow of information from the animal to me that goes at a faster pace and to a deeper, more soulful level. It’s pretty awesome.

Now I’m going to work on listening to my own thoughts a little more when I get them, and hopefully avoid some accidents.

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