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Can You See It?

I woke around 4am today to the sound of my almost 5-month old puppy whimpering.  I had a feeling it meant he needed to be let outside, but I decided to lay there to see if a) he would stop or b) my husband would think I was still asleep  and get up and take the pup out himself (I know he was awake too, he wasn’t fooling me)…

A few minutes later, it was clear that Odin definitely needed to go out and my better half was prepared to outlast me (no doubt that just as I can tell when he is awake, he can tell I am too).  So I dragged myself up and stood out on the patio while Odin tended to his business.  For such a young pup, he has a HUGE bladder (did I mention that at not quite 5 months old, he weighs over 70 pounds?).

I quickly became thankful for the time I spent just standing there — it was an amazingly still night and clear night.  No longer a full moon (last night its illumination was at 94%, which for people who don’t pay much attention to details might as well still be full), it was still incredibly bright because of the lack of any clouds.  I spent a moment staring up into the sky and looking at all the stars.  When I looked back down, what I saw was amazing.  At first, I thought it was my eyes and then I thought perhaps I was seeing things because I had been looking up.  So I blinked a few times and tried to “clear” my vision, but it was still there.  What I was seeing?  It was energy — the energy in the trees and all around.  No doubt illuminated a little by the moonlight (and the energy that the moon provides), but what I was seeing was simply that - energy.  And it was so cool.

I had a similar experience last year when my husband and I were out walking in a place I hadn’t walked before.  Our dogs were with scampering around, and I was just taking in the woods we were walking through.  I looked to my left and I saw this incredible energy.  I had the same initial reaction as last night, I thought maybe I was dizzy and I tried to clear my eyes, but it was still there.  I actually commented to my husband what I was seeing and he told me that where I was pointed had been a family’s homestead a long time ago, and that we were just about to come upon the graves of the people who had lived there.  It was a really cool experience.

In both instances, I think I was able to so vividly see the energy because I was really present in the moment (“in my body” as I like to say).  Last night it was easy to be present as I had just woken up so I hadn’t even had a chance to get my brain going on other things.  During the walk in the woods, I had really been working on being more present, and it paid off with what I was able to see.  I’m wondering, have you ever had a similar experience?  What did you think - did you try to write it off to your eyes being cloudy or something along those lines?

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