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Am I woo-woo enough for this line of work?

Recently a friend of mine was telling a story about how she met a couple (while standing in their backyard with a mutual friend) who were in need of an animal communicator to read their dog. The friend mentioned that they had one right in front of them. The couple’s reaction? She looked too “normal” to be an animal communicator. I'm sure we all have preconceived ideas of what people who do so certain types of work should look or act like, and for people who do energy work those assumptions usually revolve around wearing lots of flowy clothes, turquoise jewelry, with crystal balls, and perhaps there are thoughts that chanting is involved(1). As I was putting on makeup this morning(2), I was reminded of a night a few weeks ago when my husband and I were going to a charity event that was being held on the rooftop deck of a building around sunset. I met some awesome people and for the first time when one particular woman asked me what I did(3), I proclaimed that I'm an animal communicator. It went over really well(4). It felt pretty awesome to “come out” to this person and be received so well. Fast forward to the end of the day the next day — my husband and I are sitting outside and it's a bright sunny evening just like the one before as we were on the rooftop deck with the sun setting on us and my husband said something about did I mean to have my eyebrows purple at the event the night before. I just looked at him strangely and as I went to ask him what he was talking about, I remembered when I was putting on my make up the evening before that my eyebrow pencil seem to go on really easily(5). And when I got home and got ready for bed, I noticed that I really had to scrub my eyebrows to get all the make up off. I’d just switched over to an all natural make up remover and just assumed that it would take longer to remove make up with chemical free make up remover. But his comment all of sudden made incredibly embarrassing sense. I hadn't used my medium brown tone eyebrow pencil. I had used my dark purple waterproof eyeliner. To fill in my eyebrows. Yup.

In my defense, these two products look very similar, especially without contacts in!

After I got over the initial “why didn't you say something last night?” my next thought was that woman I met must have thought I was some kind of weird “woo-woo” type with really dark purple eyebrows. Before my husband asked me about my eyebrows, I had sent a friend request(7). It took her a few days, but she did respond. And she accepted my request. I’m still wondering if the purple eyebrows helped make me seem woo-woo enough to be a real animal communicator in a strangers eyes?

1 Okay, I admit, I do my fair share of mantra chanting but not usually when people are around. 2 I am not an everyday makeup wearer - it’s pretty much a work and event thing for me. 3 Confession: I kind of hate this question. 4 She actually came over and hugged me and said she wanted to be my best friend. 5 Normally, I’m wearing my bi-focal contacts when I put makeup on. 6 His response was that he thought I was turning into one of those old italian ladies who uses really bad hair color way longer than they should. This will no doubt be a topic for a future blog post. 7 When I tell you we hit it off, we really did. We sat off by ourselves and talked the rest of the evening.

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